The on-ground needs assessment survey undertaken by DawnRelief immediately after the earthquake pinpointed the Upper Jhelum Valley as being one of the worst affected areas. Here we homed in on a cluster of five villages (Haroonabad [formerly Karthama], Jiggal Bala, Kucha-e-Sayedan, Lamnian and Reshian) in Hattian Bala Tehsil in Muzaffarabad District. We set up base there and by the beginning of the winter of 2005 we had established four tent villages and schools, with 8,500 men, women and children under our care.

The figure of 8,500 people has increased substantially as DawnRelief is now responsible for a larger population scattered across Hattian Bala. In addition to Haroonabad, Jiggal Bala, Kucha-e-Sayedan, Lamnian and Reshian, our reconstruction efforts encompass a further 13 villages in Hattian Bala Tehsil. These are Arjandar, Bagh Karthama, Chenari, Chum, Dhani Shardra, Hattian Bala, Kucha-e-Dolari, Lasdhar, Leepa, Ponnya, Sarai, Saran and Sari Kakrai.

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