As Pakistan experiences another wave of deadly floods,
DawnRelief concentrates on Sindh….

In August 2011, villages in Sindh once again experienced severe flooding. Seven million people were affected and over 1.36 million homes were damaged or destroyed, creating further pressure on a population already badly hit by the floods of 2010

Earlier in 2011, and with YOUR support, the DawnRelief Home Reconstruction Programme handed over 200 newly constructed houses to families near Sehwan who had lost their homes last year.

As a result of a second wave of floods, DawnRelief has set up operations in villages spread across 13 dehs in Taluka Golarchi (Badin) and Mirpur Batro (Thatta).

An estimated 1,427 houses have been destroyed by these floods, affecting a population of approximately 28,878 people living in these villages. Initially we are provided tents, food, drinking water and other essential items to as many people as we can and we continuously strived towards increasing this number as quickly and as substantially as we could.

So far we have constructed 100 homes in the affected areas lying within the districts of Badin and Thatta and another 100 houses are under construction

As thousands of flood affected families across Pakistan continue to remain homeless, you as an individual can make all the difference in helping us change this situation.

Please donate generously.

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